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Our Classic Photo Booth

Moder Photo BoothAt $1095 for most events, our Classic Style Photo Booth is by far the most popular in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We have no problem admitting that we are a little impatient. We got tired of waiting for someone to create an Event Photo Booth with staggering picture quality (not the cheap web cam prints many other booths use, you can really tell the difference) and immediate prints for our clients to enjoy. So…we designed our own. The result: our Classic line of Photo Booths. We set out with the idea of producing premium quality photos that print out on the spot.   We’re talking less than a minute from pushing the button to pulling the prints (told you we were a little impatient). While we certainly accomplished our goal, what we weren’t expecting is how nice they would end up looking.

Perhaps the only thing comparable to the crisp picture quality is the look of the booth itself (these aren’t the home-made woodshop projects or PVC pipe booths you may find out there). And they come complete with all the little touches…like privacy curtains that are plush to the touch, a decorative mirror for touch-ups, and a sleek touch screen for…touching. Sense a theme here? People just can’t seem to keep their hands off of these photo booths! We don’t mind all the attention they get. In fact, we welcome it and designed the booths to handle groupies of all numbers.

Our modern, traditional sit-down, style booths have a roomy 40” bench seat, the largest we have seen out there. They can easily seat four and were designed so that many others can sneak in as well (our only rule: no bunny ears, please). They take beautiful shots of romantic couples and at the same time lend themselves to a spontaneous “let’s have a party in the photo booth!” experience.

Impressive looking, aren’t they? Go ahead and gawk if you’d like, just remember to look into the camera and smile!

Top Ten Reasons Our Booth Should Be at Your Event

  1. Unlimited Photos during rental. Take as many as you can, we dare you!
  2. Premium, commercial quality photos that print in seconds (Instant gratification rules).
  3. We provide a master digital file of all photos for you, and a web gallery for your guests after the event. (Delayed gratification is pretty cool, too).
  4. Your choice of either a 4×6 postcard-size print or a 2×6 photo strip (complimentary 2nd copy with 2×6 option) with customizable text & graphics to personalize the photo booth experience.
  5. Stunning Color or Black & White photos, your guests choose. Why not one (or several) of each?
  6. You can choose from the many different backdrops we own (but if you want boring, wrinkled curtains instead, I’m sure we can find some). Custom backdrop options also available.
  7. Fun props to enhance the enjoyment. What says “fun” better than a pair of jumbo sunglasses?
  8. Big and open. Enough room for large groups and creative possibilities.
  9. Simple to use. These booths literally run themselves. Your guests will have no problem hopping in and figuring it out.
  10. An on-site attendant, just in case they can’t. We’re there for your peace of mind and to add to the smiles.

*Coffee Table Book and Guest Book services also available.

*We’ve got Props, and we don’t charge for them…We’re not saying that your guests aren’t enough fun by themselves, we’re just saying that they become even more fun with furry hats and Stunna Shades on. We’ll bring all the basics, but let us know if you have something special and unique in mind!

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